MasterShield® – Your Best Defense Against Fir Needles.

The proven gutter guard that keeps everything but water from getting in your gutters—guaranteed!

Below are 6 major reasons MasterShield® gets the top ratings again and again but the bottom line is this: MasterShield® works where other gutter systems fail. No other gutter guard in the northwest can stand up to fir & pine needles like MasterShield®, period.

Compare us to LeafFilter or Costco’s LeafGuard and see for yourself.

MasterShield® does not disrupt your roofing and it cannot and will not in any way void your roof’s warranty. MasterShield® is the safest thing you can add to protect your roof and home, and once you see it for yourself we know you’ll agree.

Short 2 minute overview of MasterShield®:

Alex Higginbotham, the inventor of LeafFilter & MasterShield, talking about the end result of all his research:

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Pitch-with-Roof MasterShield® is pitched/sloped like the roof so debris can actually shed. Other gutter guards are just a shelf.
Self-Cleans MasterShield® is a SELF CLEANING system. Perhaps the most important aspect of all…
Strong-but-Flexible MasterShield® is strong enough for any challenge, yet flexible enough to adapt.
Take-all-the-Water MasterShield® can take all the water your roof can reasonably throw at it. Ask for a demonstration.
Marine-Grade-Stainless MasterShield® is engineered with Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Of all the available grades of stainless steel, none are more suited to resist the corrosive environment of your roof.
Fine-Mesh-Filter MasterShield® is a super fine mesh filter, woven so tightly that not even a grain of sand can get through – let alone Fir, Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Maple, Oak, or Shingle Grit!
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